When we compare the Land Cruisers from the USA, Japan, and Europe, we will find many differences. First of all, these vehicles are not looking the same. Also, the equipment is on different levels. The US version is the most luxurious and the most expensive of all. But, one thing is giving Japanese and European LC advantage over the sibling across the ocean. It is a diesel engine. The 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel in the United States could wipe this lack.

So far, fans of diesel engines managed to convert their Land Cruisers in the aftermarket. However, this will be the first time for them to be able to buy its favorite vehicle with the favorite powertrain type from Toyota. The 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel will arrive in the USA as the V-8 model. Well, it is hard to make the conversion of the European mill, but it is possible. The other option is to downsize power of the Land Cruiser with a smaller unit and increase fuel economy.

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel US release date

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel Comes Together With Tundra and Tacoma

We are monitoring news and rumors on daily basis to hear official confirmation of the Toyota Tundra Diesel truck. Shortly after, the Japanese company should launch the smaller pickup, Tacoma diesel. Truckers are expecting these two for a while. But, the latest info is the process is delayed, once again. But now, it is hard to believe the Toyota is going to disappoint their fans with another failure to deliver diesel units for the truck segment.

The 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel is going to benefit of this process. Unexpectedly, the SUV could get the new unit. As it is happening with the TRD Pro package, the LC is going to follow the path and share solutions with the truck segment. With a factory-installed engine, the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser diesel would be the most capable off-road SUV ever. And the most luxurious. The company is closing the gap between utility and luxury with this model. It will have all.

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel fuel economy

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel V8 Fuel Economy and MPG

The 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel is the even better solution for off-road adventures. But, this kinds of engines are consuming less fuel. The MPG rate is going to be increased and the fuel economy could be the major downside of the premium SUV. A 5.7-liter V-8 is returning only 13/18 mpg. With combined fuel consumption of 15 mpg, buyers who look for the economical vehicle will turn their heads from LC. With 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel V-8, the MPG would jump for at least 4-5 miles per gallon. This is good enough to draw attention from these customers looking at the fuel economy.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser European Model

A diesel engine that powers 2019 Land Cruiser European model will be a 4.5-liter V-8. It is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Power goes to all wheels, like for the LC in the USA. For example, this engine returns 24 mpg combined. Well, it is less potent than the 2019 Land Cruiser V-8 in the United States. The 2019 Land Cruiser European model can provide 250 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel D4D engine

Emissions of CO2

The bad thing is that European version of the Land Cruiser throws out a lot of CO2 – 250 g/km (400 g/mile). On the other hand, the US model belongs to ULEV – ultra-low-emission vehicle. That means the LC emits much less CO2 than the average value. So, it is hard to convert the European diesel engine to the US model. Even the tuning wouldn’t help. But, we expect Toyota to come out with a solution very soon. Fans of the Land Cruiser and Tundra truck are waiting eagerly.

2019 Land Cruiser Diesel Release Date

The 2019 Land Cruiser Diesel will come together with its truck siblings. When it is about to happen, we still don’t know precisely. However, we believe these vehicles are coming in the first quarter of 2019. The prices will be available after the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser US becomes official.



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