This is the latest rumor surrounding the Land Cruiser. After 12 years, the SUV could head into a next generation with a new platform. Current Toyota Land Cruiser is built on J200 concept and we usually mention it as 200 series. The next edition will have to carry a different name, and 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is the favorite to succeed J200. All in all, the SUV is ready for the redesign. Aging interior manages to survive in modern times with often updates. Now, it is time for a big one and Land Cruiser 300.

So, what should we expect from this model? Of course, there is a new look. Furthermore, the interior is getting all the latest things Toyota has to offer. Infotainment, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, safety features, and many more. On the other hand, the exterior will continue to mix practicality and luxury. This is something where LC is the best. That is the reason why it is so expensive. The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will close the gap between utility and luxury.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300

New 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Engine

According to the latest rumors, the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series will be a product of cooperation between its parent company and Subaru. Toyota is going to make most of the parts. IN the engine room, Subaru is delivering engine and transmission, everything else comes from the main company. But, this is enough to speak about it.

Subaru is going to install a Boxer unit with X configuration. Interesting, a quad turbocharger system with variable geometry is used. This powertrain will be good for over 800 pound-feet of torque, or 1100 Nm. This will make a 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 one of the most powerful street-legal vehicle. It will further boost the off-road capabilities of the SUV and make it even more functional. Too bad this will probably mean higher prices.

Boxer Powertrain

This is going to be the major novelty for the new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series. Subaru is using horizontally-opposed, also called flat engines. These are positioned to create fewer vibrations and drive is smoother. The response is better even this system makes the drivetrain lighter. The weight balance between the two sides is the same and the center of the gravity is very low. All in all, stable, safer and more functional Boxer engine will add something new to the LC lineup.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 boxer engine

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Test

According to spy photographers, they already caught something that could be new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Well, spy shots are bringing the good news, but we can’t claim this is really happening. The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 tests are secret and we doubt that Japanese company would unveil the vehicle is early stages of development. On the other hand, this could be a teaser for the upcoming redesign and a new generation. There are a lot of reasons why we should see it. And for Toyota, the main one is to keep up with the competition.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Release Date

During next season we will probably see the first images of the new 300 series of LC. But it doesn’t mean the vehicle is going straight into production. Also, the launch could happen late next year, making the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 only a preview of the SUV we will see in 2020.

On the other hand, do not be surprised if Toyota LC 300 Series appear at some of the big shows at the end of 2018 and early in 2019. With that debut, the company would make a statement and warn the competition. One thing is sure – no other SUV can make such impact with the new generation as the longest-serving nameplate in the Toyota family, Land Cruiser.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 concept

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 4×4 Drive

Of course, we cannot imagine the new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 without its traditional drive system. The vehicle became so popular because of the AWD. With it, rare obstacles could stop this SUV. On or off the road, the Land Cruiser was very powerful and durable. Well, its versatility is another reason for its high price. Well, having a luxury SUV that is capable for off-roading is for true adventurers. That combination is good as you are buying two different vehicles – one for a comfortable ride and commuting, and the other one for different terrains and weather situations.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Australia and Europe

We expect to see the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in the US first. Of course, this is one of the most expensive and most popular luxury vehicles there. On the other hand, cheaper versions with smaller engines are available in Europe and the rest of the world. The 2019 Land Cruiser 300 could head to Australia as well before it hits dealerships in other markets. This country is among the best-selling areas for this vehicle. So, fans from there will be among the first to see the new Land Cruiser 300 Series.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 side

How Much Will 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Cost?

For the US market, the LC SUV costs over $85,000. However, there is only one available option for buyers. There are no trim levels, different engines, or packages. The Toyota LC has it all. The new one will push the price closer to $90,000. But, the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series will offer some options. The company is going to try to test variations of the SUV, and that is why the US buyers will be able to pick different models.

Well, Boxer engine is not coming to Europe and Australia. Instead, these markets will see different lineups with diesel and petrol units. Well, true enthusiasts will import the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 with a Boxer engine, but it will cost too much. Having smaller engines and diesel units in the offer will make this SUV cheaper. In Australia, the price will start at 65,000-70,000 AUD. It is around 50k in American dollars. In Europe, the situation is the same. The price we expect is 40,000-45,000 euro, depending on the starting configuration. High-end trim levels will cost as much as these in the US. Some options for 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 will make it go over $100,000.


  1. Absolute garbage that this will cost $65000 – $70000 AUD. The 200 series basic GX spec at drive away is over $85000! No way will the price be lower than this for any new model

  2. Yes I agree with Roy keep the Diesel engine but increase It to 5.7 L.
    Also increase the towing capacity to 4000kg for towing.

    And last of all increase the fuel capacity to 180 Litres, is not enough for a heavy Landcruiser

    As optioned – Sunroof, rear seats, additional fuel tank & a GVM upgrade.

    All my previous Sahara’s I’ve taken the rear seats out, installed extra fuel tank and done a GVM up grade

    I’m waiting for the 300s Sahara Landcruiser

    Greg Mac

  3. The information about 300 land cruiser is in crect as a price guide I paid Sahara $112500 three years ago. I think the new 300 will sale over $120k. I would be hapy to pay excellent vehicle


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