Based on the J70 platform, the 70 series of Land Cruiser SUV is one of the best utility vehicles. Well, it is not so popular in the US. On the other hand, buyers in Australia are crazy about 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Ute. The evolution of the LC could lead to a pickup truck in near future. But, we will consider it after we see the new generation starting with a Land Cruiser 300 series.

Regarding the other countries, they can see different variations of the SUV. Well, this model is the nameplate that exists for the longest time in Toyota’s family. After the early success, the vehicle separated comfort and utility lineup. The other one saw its last generation started in 1984 and it is still present as J70 platform. We will see it for few more years with 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series coming very soon.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series lineup

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Ute

Ute is the common name in Australia for a pickup utility vehicle. In this part of the world, the SUV evolved into a utility vehicle for multiple purposes. For example, the last LC 79 dual-cab model is kind of a chassis cab. However, it still keeps its original design and engines. Besides this one, we will see the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series in form of classical SUV as an LC76 wagon, and as kind of minivan – LC78 Troopie.

The truck can tow 3,500 kg. That is 7,700 pounds. It makes it on par with some compact diesel pickup trucks. The bad thing is that tray is somehow optional since buyers have to pay extra to get it.

Under the hood of this ute is a 4.5-liter engine. A turbo-diesel V8 is capable to produce 150 kW of power (200 hp) and 430 Nm of torque (320 lb-ft). A five-speed manual transmission is standard. The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series will offer automatic gearbox as well. The only competitor for Toyota Land Cruiser ute was Land Rover Defender, but this one is gone now.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series LC79 chassis cab Ute

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Features

The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is a modern vehicle. Plenty of accessories and features we will find here, although we are buying utility vehicle. Well, it is not equipped as its comfort model J200, but still can compete with some passenger cars.

But, the priority is safety. The 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series will still be one of the best in this segment. With further tuning, the LC 70 is going to keep a 5-star ANCAP rating. After the improvements made last year, the safety level jumped from a 3-star overall rating. Now, Toyota will keep passengers safe by using stronger materials.

Other features will help the driver. For example, towing a huge cargo will need to assist on hills, where 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series offer start control. Also, there are brake assist and electronic distribution of stopping power.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series snorkel

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser LC76 Wagon

This one is classic. Its retro look will definitely bring more buyers, even outside Australia. We wish we could have this one in the US. On the other hand, everything you expect from 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser is not going to happen with this model of 70 series. The LC76 Wagon is a utility vehicle where air-conditioning is not coming standard. But, its functionality is hard to match.

This version of the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is sharing the same engine and transmission as the ute. Cargo space is very generous. Even the rear seats are foldable, so Toyota is not giving restrictions about the max cargo weight.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series LC76 wagon

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series Price

Since the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series is having the peak of the popularity in Australia, we will express prices in their currency. The lest expensive model in this lineup is LC76 Wagon. It costs $65,000. However, buyers are not so happy since a lot of parts are missing. We already mentioned air-conditioning, but there is a lot more. Well, the safety accessory the LC70 series are not offering is hard to find.

For $3,000 more we can purchase 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser LC78 Troopie. With a longer wheelbase than LC76, but still shorter than LC79, this one shares most of the parts with its siblings. However, the price difference is there because of the unique look and the single-cab layout.

The first vehicle we analyzed, LC79 Chassis Cab is the most expensive. Its cost starts above $70,000. That is not all since buyers will have to spend $3,000 more on the tray on the back. Top of the class models is reaching premium prices. Fully-packed 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series will have a stunning price tag. Do not be surprised if you see it over $130,000.


  1. I heard the 2019 70 series landcruiser will have the rear axle extended to run the same wheel track as the front.
    Do you know if this is true?

  2. Toyota just spent $50M updating the LC70 range 2 years ago.
    There is no new model.
    There is no Automatic coming.
    They also ALREADY have standard Factory fit air-conditioning in all models from Sept 2017.

  3. Dear Dave,
    how do you know that? Just went to a dealer and they don’t even have a clue from the next year model. What about the rear axle? What about the control button on the steering wheel and cruise control?

    Many thanks, Bela

    • Hi. Our sources in the company said they are working on the new model, but it is still not official. Even they don’t share all details. We will post more updates as soon as we get more info.
      Thanks for reading.

      • Thanks Josh, appreciate your answer. Waiting for the news. I was planning to buy an LC 76 V8 diesel but as I heard some changes are coming I put the procedure on hold.
        When do you think Toyota will give the 2019 model official?

        Thanks again, Bela

      • Hi Josh,

        the 2019 LC200 already arrived here at the showroom. When is the2019 70 series coming? Shouldn’t be the same date?

        Thanks, Bela

  4. Dear Josh,

    I have just seen a 2019 LC76 and measured the rear axle. Toyota did not change anything. Very sad. And no automatic. Very sad again.


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