Hyundai is going strong into new seasons after success with Tucson and Santa Fe. Now, it is time for larger and more luxurious SUVs. Besides Palisade, the Korean company will take on the Toyota Land Cruiser with their new project. Watch out LC, the Hyundai Rugged SUV is coming at you. Well, we still don’t know the timetable of the arrivals. Hyundai Palisade could debut next year. Soon after it, the Rugged SUV should appear, probably as the 2020 year model.

But, plans are one thing, and reality is another. Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend. It almost closed the gap between utility and luxury. Also, the LC is heading into a new generation – soon we could see 300 Series in production. So, Hyundai Rugged SUV will have more than tough task if it wants to be called a competitor. But, let’s see what is the Korean carmaker planning.

Hyundai Rugged SUV vs toyota land cruiser

Hyundai Rugged SUV Concept Looks Tougher Than Land Cruiser

The new Hyundai Rugged SUV will be 5 meters, or 197 inches long. It will make the new vehicle 2 inches longer than the Toyota Land Cruiser. Similarities with the new Palisade are expected. First of all, the Rugged SUV will offer eight seating spots. Land Cruiser offers the same number of seats. But, with a longer wheelbase, Hyundai have extra space to make more legroom for all rows.

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Hyundai Rugged SUV Specs

There are few possibilities for Hyundai Rugged SUV engines. Engineers have a tough choice again since it is not easy to top performance of Land Cruiser. So, the new Hyundai’s model could carry either V-6 or V8 drivetrain. A smaller one could be a 3.3-liter turbo-six engine with output 365 hp. Kia Stinger is using it as well. The more likely option is to see a 5.0-liter V8. This one for Genesis can provide 420 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. That is more power, but less twist for Rugged SUV. But, these numbers must deliver the same on- and off-road performance of Toyota Land Cruiser.

Hyundai Rugged SUV vs land cruiser

What Hyundai Needs to Compete Land Cruiser?

Toyota Land Cruiser is a legendary vehicle. It is the longest-serving nameplate in Toyota’s family. Its utility, luxury, driving experience, reliability, are at the top level. The Japanese company also delivers a luxury full-size SUV through its premium Lexus brand, LX 570. But, it is still not enough to put Land Cruiser in the books. So, if the LX and other proven premium SUVs can’t do it, how can a rookie compete with Land Cruiser?

Hyundai Rugged SUV concept

Hyundai Rugged SUV Release Date

We will know more about Hyundai’s plans when the final concept of the Rugged SUV becomes official. The Korean company still needs to decide if they will use a monocoque platform (Hyundai Palisade is built on it), or the new model is getting body-on-frame architecture.

The new Palisade will be 2020 year model. By the time it debuts, we will have the first official details about the Hyundai Rugged SUV. So, the vehicle could be there in 2021, or more likely for the 2022 season. For now, it is interesting to hear there is someone who plans to put some pressure on the luxury Toyota SUV.


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