One of the rare SUVs that can be called a competitor to the Toyota Land Cruiser is Land Rover Range Rover. This luxurious SUV is capable to do many things as the LC. The British carmaker managed to get utility and luxury closer. But still, the Land Cruiser is out favorite. However, to be objective, we will compare various segments of these two vehicles, and it is up to buyers which one they will choose.

Well, one of the obvious things that are in common both for Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Range Rover is its hefty price. The LC is slightly cheaper, but it is still far away from affordable and economy buy. Both models are loaded with premium features. Also, these will show off on and off the road. With so many similarities, personal preferences and likes will be decisive for every buyer.

Toyota Land Cruiser VS Land Rover Range Rover


If something is easy to compare in rivalry Toyota Land Cruiser VS Land Rover Range Rover that is engine lineup and specifications. Under the hood of the LC is a powerful V8 engine. This 5.7-liter displacement can produce 380 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy of the Land Cruiser is poor since the SUV returns only 15 mpg combined.

On the other hand, the RANGE Rover is using a V6 engine. Well, it is not less capable, since turbocharger makes this 3.0-liter unit produce 340 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque. But, the Land Rover also offers its premium SUV with a supercharged engine, that is creating the same amount of energy as the Land Cruiser. However, it falls short with twisting power. Both types of Range Rover tuning are much more efficient than the Toyota Land Cruiser. This engine returns 20 mpg. Land Rover also offers a 5.0-liter V8 drivetrain. This is the high-end model that is capable to produce almost 560 hp. Finally, there is a diesel version for a British SUV, that makes it more versatile than Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser VS Land Rover Range Rover specifications


Many buyers will check out the price before they start shopping. And it says there is only one trim level of the Toyota Land Cruiser and it costs $85,000. With more engine options, buyers of the Range Rover can tune their SUV and make the price go up. The base models start at around $3,000 more than LC. High-end versions with go up to $200,000. Well, the base setup with a diesel engine costs just above $90,000 and for V8 buyers must pay at least $110,000.

Toyota Land Cruiser VS Land Rover Range Rover rear


Seating capacity of the Range Rover is seven, while the Land Cruiser offers eight seats. Toyota’s SUV is more spacious, and the third row can be reclined. This is a great advantage if you need a vehicle for longer trips. Furthermore, there is more space behind the seats. Well, Land Rover Range Rover offers an extended version. But again, it raises the price.

A powerful V8 engine makes the Toyota Land Cruiser more capable for towing than the Range Rover. You are getting 400 pounds more here, and with a total of 8,100 pounds, LC is one of the best haulers in the premium SUV segment.

Both vehicles are using plenty of standard and additional features. Many of these are premium, and some of them won’t be used at all. So, it is up to buyers to spend some time either in Toyota Land Cruiser or Land Rover Range Rover to check out and test the entire equipment. Lists are long, so we won’t compare the offer of these two.

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